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Ista is a completely private company run by a group of professional executives. The dominant thinking of the Ista group of companies always believes in “doing the right thing” and paying special attention to this. This criterion is clearly seen in all the decisions and functions of this collection.

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  • Ista, providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services
  • Ista is a trusted business partner for commodity suppliers
  • Ista, a supplier of world-class quality products
  • Ista, provider of products at competitive prices
  • Ista, a unique and unique experience of sales and services
  • Ista, a distinct and lasting experience of collaboration

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ISta Gold services

Along with focusing on providing products that are consistent with the world’s top technology, providing after-sales services and customer satisfaction to Ista companies is important for this family.


Providing unique quality services, at an affordable cost in the shortest possible time


Providing outsourced services Guarantees to maintain maximum customer satisfaction within the framework of the Consumer Protection Organization


Parts testing in the presence of the client upon request


Quick and complete handling of customer complaints and problems


Provide advice and detailed technical explanations to our customers


Possibility of contracting after-sales service for companies and public and private companies










Ista Gold Memory Company, with its genuine products and unique services, will remain as its name in this industry.


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Members of the Ista gold memory company

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Tehran, Vali Asr avenue, above the intersection of Taleghani, Damascus Street, Brothers Mozaffar Street, Abu Azar Dam, Ista Building